Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Bug feat. Flow Dan – Skeng (Autechre Dub Remix)

Flow Dan featured here on the new remix of dub step giants The Bug with the track “Skeng (Autechre Dub Remix)” shows why his name is spreading form his roots in East London to the far reaches of Europe (where he regularly tours) although maybe also show’s why he hasn’t broken through to the mainstream as much with his brand of dancehall styled delivery as his contemporary’s.

As on the original mix his lyrical delivery can sometimes lack any real definition and presence, sometimes reverting back to a more old skool jungle sounding MC simply running rhymes like a shopping list of empty well worn cliché’s.

While the 2008 original “Skeng” sounded dark and murky and with its deep and nasty growl showed them to be a force to be contended with, this remix by Autechre takes some of the body out of it and give Flow Dan’s vocals an almost evanescent and spirit like quality like an echo from an abandoned club long since gone rather than the full on package he gives when partnered with Wiley and his Roll Deep counterparts.

Autechre bring to the table their own brand of vintage electro which sprinkles its presence on the track rather than breaks it down and builds it up again stronger than before. A possible missed opportunity for both artist and re-mixer’s although sure to be gaining interest among the dub step fraternity if only as a “what NOT to do” when presented with an already popular track.

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